Introducing Reflex Integration Through Play™️ at School

A Functional Play-Based Approach to Movement Breaks

Reflex Integration Through Play™️ at School is a movement break and sensory diet program designed around the Reflex Integration Through Play™️ method of exercises.

It provides fun, easy to follow videos that can be used as group classroom movement breaks, or even at home, to help with children’s development, energy level, attention span, academic performance, social skills, and physical abilities. The program is accompanied by training designed for teachers and service providers embedded within schools to understand the exercises given for that week.

Movement Breaks

Providing classrooms with much-needed physical activity breaks that contribute to improved attention, emotional regulation, and physical abilities.

Easy to Follow Videos

Exercise videos are short, ~1-2min, and are easy and fun for kids to do.

Customized Program

With guidance from your embedded service provider, ensure each classroom receives the movement breaks they need.

What's Included

Fun Movement Videos

We provide classrooms with themed physical development exercises, presented as videos, each 1-2min long.

Watch Mr. Jeff as he teaches and demonstrates each movement in a fun and engaging way, complete with video annotations to help kids follow along.

Here’s an example of one of the kids’ favorites: Rainbow Breathing.

Play Video


To accompany the videos, we provide handouts with illustrations and instructions for exercises. These can be used in the classroom or sent for use at home.

Teacher Training

While not a complicated process, we believe that addressing the underlying developmental challenges requires performing specific movement patterns. To help teachers and students engage in the proper movements, videos include detailed instructions and fun graphics, but we also include brief training videos with each of the eight modules.

Each week, teachers are encouraged to review a ~5-15min training video designed to provide an understanding of why we chose the movements for that week and common things to look for and adjustments to make in the classroom.

Access to the training and movement videos is done via our website, here at Teachers create accounts with their own email and password and can play the videos on their computer or mobile device and are encouraged to project the videos on a classroom screen.

How to Use It

The program has 8 modules each addressing different movement patterns to accomplish different goals. The program can be used as an 8-week, repeatable cycle, with each week focusing on 3-5 exercises. However, we’ve found it most helpful to have teachers partner with an embedded service provider, like an occupational or physical therapist, to choose exercises from our library and adjust them over time.

Classroom teachers identify short periods within their day, such as transition periods between subjects, and play the exercise videos for the kids. Most of the exercises can be done in the space between desks, though some require laying on the floor.



$ 50 Per month
  • Exercise Videos
  • 8 Modules of Training
  • Printable Instructions

School (1-5 Teachers)

$ 250 Per month/Paid annually
  • Exercise Videos
  • 8 Modules of Training
  • Printables
  • Unique account for each teacher + Certification

School (Additional Teacher)

$45 FREE Per month/Paid annually
  • Free during our special launch discount!
  • For 6+ Teachers
  • One per teacher

We also accept purchase orders. Please email us at

Have Questions?

Please contact your RITP service provider (occupational or physical therapist) for more information or connect with us using the button below.

About Reflex Integration Through Play™

Hear from Kokeb McDonald, OTR/L

Hey there 👋,

I’m Kokeb, a pediatric occupational therapist, best-selling author, and coach with a strong passion for helping people develop into their healthiest selves.

I created Reflex Integration Through Play™️ in 2018 after experimenting with many treatment methods, always with the eye of finding those that work both inside and outside the clinic setting.

When I discovered reflex integration, I found a way to ensure great outcomes for my clients by addressing underlying conditions and when I found a way to make it play-based and measurable, I improved results and the collaboration with parents and teachers, all without stressing over treatment planning.

Applying the principles of reflex integration, we created the RITP at School program in 2022 and piloted it among five schools. Feedback has been very positive from teachers and students. Schools are reporting increased focus and emotional regulation from the students participating in the program.

We are still early in our development of RITP at School but welcome additional classrooms and look forward to partnering with the service providers attached to their schools to ensure children get the most developmental benefit from movement breaks.

Join me in helping to serve the children around us.

Kokeb 💕