Reflex Integration Memory Game

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A fun way to incorporate reflex integration exercises from the RITP series into your OT or PT therapy sessions at home or in a clinic setting, this take on the classic memory/concentration game gives you 48 easy to manipulate tiles allowing the players to practice 24 exercises.

Dimensions: 6x6x3”

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Support Your Child’s Development

Primitive reflexes are foundational movement patterns present at birth and become integrated or “dormant” before a child reaches 12 months of age. When reflexes aren’t integrated, they interfere with a child’s ability to develop physical stability, mobility, and contribute to faulty and maladaptive movement patterns. The best way to integrate primitive and postural reflexes is by mimicking early childhood movement patterns.

For Use with the Integrating Reflexes Through Play and Exercise Book Series

Following the best-selling Integrating Reflexes Through Play and Exercise book series from OT, coach, and mom Kokeb McDonald, this game of concentration/visual memory will take your child through 24 movement patterns to help integrate those primitive reflexes. Included in the game is a reference guide for each exercise, including step-by-step illustrations. For more on each exercise, refer to the reflex book indicated on each tile (sold separately).

Fun, Interactive Therapy Tool

Make your exercise sessions fun and interactive. Play the memory game or use the tiles to build a customized sequence of exercises. Use in your therapy sessions, for at-home exercises, or for in-class movement breaks.


  • Begin by shuffling the tiles and placing them face down in neat rows.

  • Take turns by turning two tiles over. If the tiles match, then the player picks up the tiles, keeps them, does the exercise specified by the tile, then plays again. If they don’t match, the player turns the tiles back over.

  • The winner is the player with the most matches when all tiles have been picked up.

  • The game can also be played alone or simply use the tiles to plan your next therapy session!

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3 reviews for Reflex Integration Memory Game

  1. NS

    Nick S (verified owner)

    Wow, I had no idea how excited our 6yo son was going to be about this game. It was suggested to us by an OT friend, to help with self-regulation and he literally wants to play it everyday. The whole family has been getting a primitive reflex integration workout because of this game :).

    We also shared it with our son’s OT and she wanted a copy, so we got another one from RITP and gave it to her.

    The game is easy to play, and the illustrations make it fun. I don’t think my son even registers that he’s getting “therapy.”

    Image #1 from Nick S
    Image #2 from Nick S
  2. BL

    Becky Lawson

    I received the visual memory game last week. I love it!!! I pick out the number of cards that will suit the time I have available, the level of the child, and which reflexes I would like to address. It’s fun! I get in there on the game and “compete” with the student 😊 to make a match.
    Once a match is made we pause and do the activity. If visual memory is too difficult for the student I place a card face up at the top and they can flip one card over and back at a time until they see the match. It’s a great adaption while still working on perceptual skills and fine motor as well. Love it!!

  3. TT

    Tera Timmons

    I love using this game with clients and my own kids. It is easily customizable for the reflexes you are wanting to target and the attention span of the players. There are so many ways the cards can be used to keep things new and different each time. Kids also love choosing which cards to play with which further increases their engagement! This is a great addition for any therapist or parent!!

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