Support your child's development with play-based and low-stress approach!

Learn to accelerate your child’s development at home with easy-to-do, fun movements. Destress your at-home reflex integration therapy sessions with movement playlists built for you and over 100+ exercises to choose from!

Get the 2-course + app bundle!

Support your child's development with a play-based and low-stress at-home program!

Learn to accelerate your child’s development at home with easy-to-do, fun movements. Destress your at-home reflex integration therapy sessions with movement playlists built for you and over 100+ exercises to choose from!


Get the 2-course + app bundle!

Is this your experience as a parent?

Did you learn your child has retained reflexes but don’t know what to do about it?

You can learn the movement patterns to integrate them.

Do you see developmental challenges in your child and don’t know where to start?

Reflex integration can help address motor delays, sensory processing issues, behavioral problems, poor visual processing skills, poor auditory processing skills, hyperactivity, poor attention, health issues, and learning difficulties.

Do you want to accelerate your child’s therapy program?

If you're paying for expensive occupational or physical therapy, learn to get the most out of them at home to maximize progress.

Are you overwhelmed with at-home movement plans and want to make it more fun?

Learn techniques to make your at-home exercises more fun and enjoyable for both you and your child.

Are you using the Reflex Integration Through Play book series and looking for assistance in implementing the activities at home?

Get access to pre-made playlists and over 100+ exercises with video instructions!

The Reflex Integration Through Play Family Bundle

You can get the knowledge and tools needed to implement an effective at-home reflex integration therapy program to advance your child’s development. Use it by itself or to compliment your existing occupational, physical, or speech therapy programs.

Get two on-demand courses and a 6-month subscription to the RITP Mobile App…

  • Reflex Integration at Home: a 2-hour workshop introduction to reflex integration and at-home therapy programs to get you started, including pre-built exercise plans.
  • How to Support Your Child’s Development at Home: a deeper dive into the underlying movement patterns so you can be confident in helping your child.
  • RITP Mobile App: 100+ exercises, each with videos and easy-to-follow instructions.

FREE 6-month subscription to the RITP Mobile App. 

Why Reflex Integration?

Primitive reflexes are foundational, yet involuntary movement patterns that are present at birth and become integrated or “dormant” before a child reaches 12 months of age. Most reflexes become integrated into a pattern of movement after infancy, so more mature and voluntary movements can emerge.

When reflexes do not become integrated, they interfere with a child’s ability to develop an appropriate foundation for stability and mobility. A child without integrated primitive reflexes learns faulty and maladaptive movement patterns.

You must address retained reflexes in your child to make a lasting change and bridge the gap in their development.

You as the parent can make a meaningful impact on your child’s future by creating and maintaining an at-home therapy routine built on reflex integration exercises.

Here's What You Get

1 Lesson

Reflex Integration at Home

A Practical Workshop for Special Needs Parents Learn how to accelerate your child’s development at home with easy-to-do, fun movements.…

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23 Lessons

How to Support Your Child’s Development at Home

An Accessible Guide to Primitive Reflex Integration Would you like a 10 minute step-by-step exercise routine to improve your child’s…

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Over 100 Exercises

From the best-selling book series by Kokeb McDonald, OTR/L, the RITP App includes over 100 exercises to address retained reflexes in children and young adults.


Easy-to-Follow Videos and Instructions

  • Videos to teach and show clients how to do each exercise.
  • Fun, kid-friendly illustrations.
  • Detailed instructions including what to look for as clients perform the exercises.

Make Playlists

Collect exercises together into easy-to-access playlists.

Share those playlists with other app users.

Start today to advance your child’s development in a stress-free way!

Who is This For?

Meet The Creator of Reflex Integration Through Play

Kokeb McDonald

Hey there 👋,

I’m Kokeb, a pediatric occupational therapist, best-selling author, coach, and a parent with a strong passion for helping people develop into their healthiest selves.

I created Reflex Integration Through Play™️ because I remember what it was like to try to motivate and engage with kids to improve their developmental skills.

When I discovered reflex integration, I found a way to ensure great outcomes for my clients by addressing underlying conditions and when I found a way to make it play-based and measurable, I improved results and the collaboration with parents and teachers, all without stressing over treatment planning.

As someone striving to help my own kids in their developmental journey, I hope you’ll join me to learn how we can all support them better!

Kokeb 💕


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