Introducing the Reflex Integration Through Play Certification Program

Hope you had a great New Year! I can’t believe it is February already! We’ve been working hard on products and resources here, and I can’t wait to share them with you! By now, you are familiar with our treatment planning and home program books. I have heard such great feedback from 100s of therapists on how they use my books as part of their treatment planning processes. This year I have something even better…

Today we’re launching our online certification program for pediatric therapists, guiding you through our RITP program and teaching you to create an effective and measurable treatment process.

We are launching our NEW Reflex Integration Through Play Certification program!

I’ve spent almost four years developing RITP—writing books, coaching clients, therapists, clinics, and schools—bringing the healing of foundational movements to as many families as possible, with as much fun 🥳 as possible. I’ve collected the most useful content into a 5-part, on-demand certification program to prepare you to implement RITP.

As a launch month special, get up to 20% off the program:

  • 10% off on the first class, Primitive Reflex Integration and Child Development, only $447, save $50!
  • 15% off the 5-course bundle, which includes monthly Q&A calls with me, get it for only $2,497, save $500!
  • Our monthly calls help us support you for an entire year and ensure you successfully implement what you learned in our program and see results. It takes time and practice to be skillful. 

Special prices only available until the end of February!

What will I learn?

Here’s what you’ll learn in the program:

  • Foundational movement patterns of reflexes, their benefits, the signs and symptoms of retention, and their connection to developmental milestones.
  • Basic anatomy and movements patterns, the relationship between agonist and antagonist muscles and, using that knowledge, how reflex patterns can be observed in a static and dynamic postures.
  • A simple and easy-to-follow screening and observation method you can implement and resources you can use.
  • How to create a treatment plan that is measurable, play-based, functional, effective, goal-oriented, and repeatable.
  • A simple home program process so you can create a plan for your clients that is easy to implement and kids will love.

Each on demand course is about 4 hrs. The first course is available now and courses 2-5 will be released, about one per month, between now and mid-year.

Why get certified?

With our special blend of screening methods and fun treatment tools, you can transform your therapy practice and unlock the key to better outcomes and faster client results.

This comprehensive training will equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to address common challenges confidently and easily.

Here’s what you can expect from this certification:

  • Boost Your Expertise: Expand your clinical knowledge and hone your skills as a therapist, giving you the confidence to tackle any obstacle in your practice.
  • Improving Client Outcomes: See faster improvements in your clients’ functional skills, leading to better overall outcomes.
  • Streamline Your Practice: Save time and reduce working hours with a repeatable and predictable process for screening and treatment.
  • Involve Caregivers: Engage parents and caregivers to ensure your clients’ treatment routines are continued at home and at school.
  • Attract New Clients: Stand out in the market and attract new clients seeking an impactful and growing clinical practice.

Is certification right for me?

Consider RITP certification if…

  • You’re new to primitive reflex integration, RITP will give you a solid introduction to the concept and prepare you to use it in treatment settings.
  • You’re experienced w/ RI but your clients are not cooperating and you are looking for a play-based approach.
  • You’re experienced w/ RI, then use RITP as a proven screening and treatment methodology and to expand your knowledge.
  • You’re looking to expand your career and make yourself more attractive to potential employers.
  • You’re a clinic owner looking to attract new clients and retain therapists. We offer flexible virtual teaching options and host regular group coaching sessions or customized case-study sessions to tailor the program to your clinic. Contact us by replying.

What do I get?

  • Immediate access to the first course #1, Primitive Reflex Integration and Child Development, a 4-hr introduction to primitive reflexes and improving functional outcomes with RITP.
  • Join our online community with access to RITP staff.
  • If you buy the bundle…
    • Get monthly live Q&A calls with a trained specialist for an entire year!
    • 1-year of access to our upcoming exercise reference application for iOS/Android, worth $325. More on that next month!
    • If you pick up the 5-course bundle, we’ll send you a free copy of all four of our RITP books, worth $100+.

Where do I learn more?

Learn more about the certification program at 

Check out the content for the first course, which is available now, here: 

I hope you’ll expand your reflex integration knowledge with me this year as part of what’s new for you!

Introducing the RITP App

A Reflex Integration Exercise Reference for Service Providers, Parents, and Teachers

  • Make treatment planning easier with a at-your-finger-tips access to all the RITP exercises.
  • Learn and show kids the exercises from videos.
  • De-stress your day with playlists you can curate for each client and share with them.
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