The 5 reasons play is so important to therapy sessions

As I work with my mentoring clients, one of the most frequent topics we cover is treatment planning. It can be challenging to first assess clients and then come up with meaningful interventions to help them, but we also need to think about how to motivate our clients to participate in our plan.

And what better way than to make it fun! Here are some reasons why fun is so important in your reflex integration sessions:

  1. Reflex integration work can be scary for kids. Reflexes are often attached to deep physical and emotional responses in the body, like the fight or flight response. Making it fun can help ease these uncomfortable feelings.
  2. Easier with a willing client. Let’s face it, “games” sounds a lot more fun than “exercises” and the more we can do to make therapy sessions enjoyable, the more willing our clients will be to be treated.
  3. Address multiple challenges at once. Games, like our Memory Game, and programs like our Reflex Integration Through Play method can also improve skills like visual perception, memory, auditory processing, and more.
  4. Fun family times. Working on your child’s home exercises does not have to be a battle. You can use a fun activity that can help you make family times fun while working on therapeutic exercises.
  5. Variety for you 🙂 An engaged and happy therapist/parent is a better one. Games can help you stay interested when you’re on your 8th client for the day.

I hope this motivates you to add that little bit of fun to your upcoming therapy sessions and if you’re looking for ideas, check out our new Reflex Integration Memory Game, available for pre-order now!

Introducing the RITP App

A Reflex Integration Exercise Reference for Service Providers, Parents, and Teachers

  • Make treatment planning easier with a at-your-finger-tips access to all the RITP exercises.
  • Learn and show kids the exercises from videos.
  • De-stress your day with playlists you can curate for each client and share with them.
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